Furniture Industry

If you are interested in Furniture stocks, this article by Ricky Yeo @i3investor breaks down the industry for you.

It is impossible to avoid the discussion of furniture stocks without touching the topic of currency. That is understandable as they are all export stocks and any changes on currency will potentially impact their earnings.      ………..

Furniture stocks or export stocks are the common name categorization given to stocks that sells timbers or manufacture furnitures. Categorization simplify things and make it easier for us to understand but it is far from saying they are all the same.

You probably seen many investors or analysts comparing Heveaboard to Homeritz. Traditionally Hevea had always been trading at a lower multiples (P/E, P/B etc) compare to Homeritz so analysts comparing both will always makes Hevea looks undervalued.”

Timber to furniture – The thing with currency, on value chain, Hevea, Homeritz & more



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