Course Review: Introduction to financial-ratio analysis


If you are looking for a course to learn about finanical ratios & analysis, this course is highly recommended for you. Business professors, authors and brothers, Jim & Kay Stice are not only experts in their field, they are excellent educators as well.

  • The content is solid & well structured. Organised by Sections and Topics, the training videos can be easily accessed and reviewed.
  • Their explanations are concise and clear.
  • The presentation is well paced and lively for a such a serious & ‘dry’subject.

Knowledge of Balance Sheets & Income Statements is not a pre-requisite. Jim & Kay has designed the course for beginners with no accounting knowledge.

You will also learn the very powerful DuPont Framework, a financial ratio analysis framework to analyse a company’s strengths & weaknesses. These insights will allow you to identify areas for improvement & areas of risks. At the end of the course, you will be able to analyse a company’s finanical reports to benchmark its performance & establish its financial health. Your boss will be impressed by your amazing ability to identify areas of risk for urgent top management attention & response.

Please note that I do not get paid for sharing this.   😉


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